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Hello fellow Twilight fans!!

So, for those of you who receive Creation Entertainment updates, you already know there will be a Twilight convention in Minneapolis from July 18-19th, 2009. Being a Minnesota native and college student, I am usually sorely disappointed when all the cons are far west, east, south, or overseas. Imagine my shock and joy when I read about one in my own state! Hence the instant desire to make a community for all convention goers to discuss semantics and meet-ups.

Being a brand new community, I have it on a standard layout, but if there's anyone who is willing to make some lovely header/icons/profile art and/or would like to donate the usage of theirs (already created), I would love it. I am also (fairly) new to the franchise, so if there's an interest subject you think I should add, or any other tidbit (useful sites, etc), please just let me know! This is a place for the fans, right?

I don't know how often posts will come up here in the beginning as the event has just been announced and we don't yet have a location. But once guests are announced and everyone starts making plans, I hope to see them flood in.

For the moment all members can post. I will probably craft some rules here in the next few days. In the meantime, I expect everyone to respect basic LJ etiquette rules. No bashing, trolls, or flaming, please.

Questions, comments, information, squees? Start posting! Or if you have a concern or comment for me, just send a PM or post it here.


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